PE rattan weaving patterns

4 Popular PE Rattan Weaving Patterns on French Bistro Chairs

PE rattan is commonly used for outdoor furniture due to its weather resistance. Through the ingenious hands of furniture designers, the PE rattan can be presented in various weaving patterns. And with different weaving patterns, rattan furniture is endowed with various forms and styles. Here we will take the French bistro chairs of different styles as examples to show you the 4 popular weaving ways for PE rattan weaving patterns.

French bistro chairs have become a big hit in the furniture design world. It’s a perfect match of the natural rattan (for frame) and the PE rattan (for seat and back). In the following, we will talk about the PE rattan weaving ways of the French bistro chair seat and back.

Weaving Ways

Weaving ways of rattan
Weaving ways of PE rattan
  • Normal Weaving – evenly weaving one horizontally and vertically
  • Double Ribs Weaving- regularly weaving one horizontally and two or more vertically
  • Wave Weaving – Ladder-like weaving in the transverse direction to form a wavy shape
  • Thick Wave- Both horizontal and vertical are woven in a stepped shape, forming horizontal and vertical staggered waves

The popular French bistro chairs on Amazon are mostly made of PE rattan in different colors, including red, blue, white, black, green, etc. And the woven seat cushions and backrests can highlight the different weaving styles.

1. Normal weaving for French bistro chairs

Normal weaving - French bistro chairs-1
Normal weaving - French bistro chairs-3
Normal weaving - French bistro chairs-2

2.Double ribs weaving for French bistro chairs

Double ribs weaving - French bistro chairs-1
Double ribs weaving - French bistro chairs-2

3. Wave weaving for French bistro chairs

Wave - French bistro chairs
Wave - French bistro chairs-1
Wave - French bistro chairs-2

4. Thick wave weaving for French bistro chairs

Thick wave - French bistro chairs
Thick wave - French bistro chairs-1
Thick wave - French bistro chairs-2

Of course, there are still many other unique weaving designs on the market. The weaving method for the following flower pattern is very special, giving the chair a unique Parisian romantic feel.

Paris romantic weaving rattan style


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Rattan color
Rattan color

* The above pictures are all from Amazon.



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