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Due to the various outstanding advantages of PE rattan, organic rattan is slowly being replaced, especially in outdoor furniture. In this post, from a PE Rattan manufacturer‘s perspective, we are going to tell you all the details about PE rattan.

1. Comparison with organic rattan

In ancient times, the raw materials for weaving were generally RATTAN, bamboo and grass, etc., mostly tropical plants. The corresponding woven products include chairs, baskets, etc. And this kind of product has been used around for a long time.

Organic rattan is a natural fiber that is not weatherproof. And it dries out easily in the sun. This can lead to brittle rattan and product breakage.

Rain and constant humidity can cause mold growth on the rattan, causing hygiene problems. And if not cleaned in time, the product will rot.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use organic rattan products outdoors, even if they are covered when not in use.

In contrast, synthetic rattan has many advantages, such as durability, multiple styles, hygiene, low maintenance cost and so on.

Meanwhile the natural wicker will be broken, cracked, or teared after a few years of use. Additionally, it is likely to fade in direct sunlight.

These advantages of PE rattan is outrstanding, and it quickly replaced the position of organic rattan. For the original support part, the frame part, such as the main frame of the chair, a metal frame is applied.

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2. PE Rattan

One of the most popular rattan weaving materials for outdoor furniture, synthetic rattan material can be divided into 3 main types according to the raw material: PU, PVC, and PE. Compared to PU and PVC rattan, PE rattan is more acclaimed in outdoor furniture production due to its better durability and weather resistance.  Due to its distinguished features, it gradually became the main stream. Therefore, we only analyze PE rattan below.

PE is referring High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) The difference between HDPE and LDPE will not be discussed in this post.

PE rattan, is also known as plastic rattan, synthetic rattan plastic wicker, etc.

PE Rattan

2.1 Character of PE - the main material of plastic rattan

The melting point of PE is fixed, so the processing is very easy and effective, without any technical secrets or difficulties. Speaking of the PE rattanprocessing, we have an article dedicated to this topic, please click on the link:

Synthetic Rattan Manufacturing Process – Extrusion Molding 

Extrusion molding is also a very stable and mature technology. As far as machines and equipment are concerned, adding an INJECTION UNIT in the 90-degree direction will enrich the design of molded products.

In this case, the formulation of the raw materials becomes a critical factor.

2.2 Supplier of the PE resin

For the rattan manufacturers, they rarely produce RESIN themselves. Because the production and trade of plastic raw materials is another world, with its business model completely different from the production of rattan. And it requires a large amount of capital.

Therefore, they all purchase from external sources. Strict manufacturers will have their own laboratories to test the purchased resin for quality control.

2.3 PE rattan is always a kind of plastic, having all the advantages and disadvantages of plastic.

According to the request , the plastic resin will mixed with masterbatch, the antioxidants, anti-UV agents, light stabilizer etc, then produced to the Rattan.

Ultraviolet rays of the sun and the oxidation of the air are always the natural enemies of plastic.

Most PE RATTAN is used outdoors, exposed to direct sunlight and air for 24 hours of full oxidation. Manufacturers usually add some formulas to the raw materials to delay the effect of this damage. For the raw materials of these formulas, the price of anti-UV is many times higher than that of anti-oxidation.

Duration is a very important reference factor for outdoor furniture. The buyer needs to confirm the life of the RATTAN with the supplier. It’s easy for a manufacturer to test the time of UV resistance and oxidation resistance of synthetic rattan through experiments. Thus, what you need to find is an honest supplier who will tell you the real data.

3. PE RATTAN manufacturers’ difficulties

3.1 The price of Plastic resin is floating. And in general, the price is updated every day. For PE rattan manufacturers, they tend to pursue stability and avoid risk. So they will be accustomed to hoarding a large amount of RESIN in their warehouses.

You can walk around their warehouses and look at the raw materials you will know their capacity. Because the purchase of this plastic resin generally must be paid in cash.

3.2 MOQ. If another type of rattan is requested, the manufacturers need to stop the machine first, and then clean the original material in the screw. Only after that, they can start the production of the next model. The time and materials spent here will increase the cost of production.

3.3 The tensile test of PE RATTAN is closely related to the shape of the RATTAN itself. A thicker and wider one will definitely have a larger tensile force. It is meaningless to simply test the tensile force.

4. The advantages of PE RATTAN outdoor furniture

you can easily find a wide variety of options of the outdoor furniture, which is used PE wicker, such as a patio set, sofa, chairs, table, or other items, and you will find lots of options to shop to the ideal one which meet your request. Their advantages are :

PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-18
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-17

4.1 Clean, durable, multiple styles and colors

4.2 Frame selection for PE rattan outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is generally composed of a frame wrapped by the plastic RATTAN. The frame may be made of iron, aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

  • Iron: it’s cheap, but easy to rustand heavy weight. Iron is also divided into solid iron and hollow iron pipe.
  • Stainless steel:because of the processing difficulty, it’s rarely used.
  • Aluminum alloy:it’s used much widely.

The quality of the rattan and the frame is best matched, that is, the damage of the rattan and the frame is synchronized. In this way, procurement costs will not be wasted due to early scrapping of any aspect.

4.3 Additional Costs of Outdoor Furniture

A lot of outdoor furniture is custom-made, which poses certain challenges to production. However, the bending and welding of the frame and the weaving of the rattan are mature techniques, which can be mastered by ordinary workers after training.

If the manufacturer of outdoor furniture is local, not only can the sea freight of outdoor furniture be reduced, but also the furniture can be maintained in time, and even the rattan can be replaced.



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