As a professional PE rattan manufacturer, we, Gaoming JINYAN Plastic Rattan Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000. Our company is located in Foshan, the furniture manufacturing center of China.

Our factory covers an area of 15,000 m², including the manufacturing workshop with 28 automatic PE rattan production lines and the large warehouse for the raw materials and finished products.

And we have large quantity of raw materials stock, which can satisfy the production requirement of our clients in anytime. Our monthly output can reach 2000 ton.

Besides, our factory can produce the quality rattan with a high productivity in a short time.

Our high quality PE rattan sells well in Europe and America.

PE rattan warehouse-2
PE rattan automatic production lines in JY factory
PE rattan warehouse-1


The manufacturing equipment for PE rattan includes a mixer, an extruder, a mold, a cooling pool, a heating tube, and a winder. The whole production line is as the below picture.

The whole production line for PE rattan

A variety of plastic particles that need to be dissolved are fully mixed by the mixer. Then, the mixed plastic particles are dissolved at high temperature in the extruder. And the dissolved melt is changed into different shapes through the mold and then passed through the cooling pool. For cooling, a circulating cooling device is arranged in the cooling pool to ensure the constant water temperature. Finally, roll up the cooled rattan with the winder. 

The specific production process is as follows:

Step 1. Mixing

Mixing the desired plastic particles with a mixer.

Step 2. Melting

Melting the mixed plastic with an extruder.

Step 3. Shaping

Changing the shape of the plastic melt by using different molds.

PE rattan - raw material pack
PE rattan - raw material pack
PE Rattan - plastic raw material
PE Rattan - plastic raw material

Step 4. Cooling & Forming

The PE rattan is cooled and formed in the cooling pool.

Step 5. Winding

Winding production process by winder.

Step 6. Packing

Packing the PE rattan with plastic bags.

PE rattan - finished products
PE rattan - finished products
Woven PE rattan -packing
Woven PE rattan -packing
PE Rattan - loading
PE Rattan - loading

Our Advantages as a PE Rattan Manufacturer

We, as an experienced PE Rattan Manufacturer, our advantages lies in the following 6 points:

01   A wide variety of PE Rattan

Our PE rattan is available in a wide variety of styles, colors, textures, and patterns. And so our PE rattan can meet the requirements of various outdoor furniture production, giving more design inspirations for your outdoor furniture projects.

02   Quality PE Rattan Material

With experience of over 20 years, advanced equipment and technique, and strict quality control system, we can guarantee the best quality of our PE rattan material.

03   PE Rattan at factory price 

Having been in the plastic rattan weaving material industry for more than 20 years, we can provide our customers with rather low price but high quality products to help them maximize their business profits.

04   Considerate services for customer

We offer comprehensive services from pre-sale to after sale, answering questions and solving problems during the negotiation to help our customers purchase the right PE Rattan.

05   Fast & On-time Delivery

With the complete production lines and large quantity of raw materials stock, our factory’s maximum monthly output can reach 2000 tons. Thus, we can ensure every client can receive their goods in time.

06   Strictly tested PE Rattan

Our PE rattan has to go through seven testing procedures, such as: tensile test, anti-UV test, anti-aging test, etc. Each test here is related to the quality of the entire product. If any one of the indicators fails, it will be regarded as an invalid product. And our rattan is a high-quality and qualified product that has passed various rigorous tests.

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