JY-WT1E PE Rattan for Outdoor Patio Furniture

Shape :   Half rectangle

Material :   100% new HDPE

Dimension :   14 × 3.0 mm

Color :   4 colors available

Package :   Bag


  • UV-resistant / Color-fast
  • Waterproof / Recyclable

Great Service :   

  • Quick delivery 
  • Competive price
  • 3-year warranty

Tips for PE Rattan Care

PE rattan products have been treated with special waterproof, UV resistant, insect-proof and other technologies, so the usual cleaning and maintenance are very simple.

1. Clean the PE rattan directly with water, and use a soft brush to remove dust from the front and back of the rattan.
2. Prevent the knife tip or other hard objects from colliding and scratching.

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