PE Rattan Weaving Patterns

2022 Newest PE Rattan Weaving Patterns

Introduction of PE Rattan Weaving Patterns

The pattern design is indispensable for the weaving surface of rattan furniture, which can make rattan furniture of different styles. And the PE rattan weaving patterns are extremely rich.

  • In terms of form, there are round, square, polygonal, and herringbone shapes.
  • In terms of material shape, there are round or flat. 
  • In terms of weaving methods, they includes mixed weaving, continuous weaving, interlacing weaving, weaving and knotting.

And each type can often achieve different pattern effects by changing the number of warp and weft lines or the width of warp and weft lines.

Now, let’s look at some popular weaving pattern forms first.

Weaving Pattern Forms

Different Weaving Patterns
Different Weaving Patterns-1

Next, let’s take a look at what different sparks can be made and what special weaving patterns will be formed when PE rattan of different colors and shapes are woven into different weaving forms.

PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display

PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-1
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-2
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-3
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-4
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-5
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-6
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-7
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-8
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-9
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-10
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-11
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-16
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-17
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-18
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-15
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-19
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-20
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-21
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-13
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-12
PE Rattan Weaving Pattern Display-14

Common application in rattan furniture

Rattan furniture has always given the impression that it is simple and easy to break. In fact, it is not the case now anymore. The current rattan furniture has jumped out of the traditional frame in terms of shape, changing the simplicity and roughness of the rattan furniture in the past. Also the various weaving forms of PE rattan give the rattan furniture not only the different special looks but also more strength to support.

So rattan furniture improved by modern technology can bring users a good living experience. At the same time, it can bring a natural atmosphere to the home and show a unique aesthetic taste.  

Characteristics of Modern Rattan Furniture

1. The structure is fine and ingenious, and the shape is novel and beautiful. The woven construction is cushioned, ergonomic and comfortable.

2. Rattan furniture has strong air permeability, which is conducive to heat dissipation and perspiration, refreshing feel and strong affinity.

3. Dense, strong, light, tough, firm, easy to bend and form, not afraid of squeezing and pressure, supple and elastic. What’s more, the rattan furniture is simple, natural, fresh and refreshing.



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