Patio PE-rattan chairs

PE Rattan VS Natural Rattan

About Rattan Furniture

In ancient times, there were weaving furniture. And the material used for weaving furniture is natural rattan.

Natural Rattan is a vine-like species that grows in tropical regions located in Africa, Australia, and Asia. There are over 600 different species of Rattan. Because of its strong and fibrous qualities, rattan garden furniture is a very popular choice.

People at that time may not have thought that there will be a kind of PE rattan furniture in thousands of years later. Now beyond the country and vacation inn, more and more people like to add a set of rattan furniture in their home, garden or balcony in the urban area.

Outdoor PE rattan leisure chairs

People have to face intense work every day, living a fast-paced life. That’s why they need another space to release pressure — outdoor area so much, even though they don’t have too much spare time playing at outdoors often.

It can not only give people a place to rest, chat, read and breathe natural air, but also ease people’s busy and irritable mood and make them enjoy nature with comfort. 

Natural rattan furniture has always been popular.

Rattan sofas, rattan tables and chairs, screens, as well as small dressers, rocking chairs, etc., all make people feel the natural atmosphere of nature.

However, the natural rattan furniture manufacture has to face the problem of material shortage one day. Therefore, something must be created to take the place of the real rattan furniture. And that has given an inevitable development space for PE rattan furniture.

About PE Rattan

The quality PE rattan is well designed and inherits the advantages of real rattan including the following points:

  • flexible
  • durable
  • lightweight
  • attractive

Most importantly, PE rattan is made of 99.8% polyethylene and 0.2% powder. Such rattan has more advantages

  • ultraviolet radiation resistant
  • high temperature resistant
  • corrosion resistant
  • color-fast
  • weather resistant
  • non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • 100% recyclable

PE Rattan VS Natural Rattan










PE Rattan


Natural Rattan











Easy to clean

PE Rattan

Natural Rattan







PE rattan improves the shortcomings of natural rattan furniture, such as being susceptible to moisture, easy to crack and deform, and difficult to clean.

What’s more, its price is much more affordable than real rattan.

The PE rattan also unique in texture, strong, lightweight and fashionable. It has all the above characteristics that the natural rattan can’t match. Besides, it can be processed into various colors to meet the needs of various consumers.

Nowadays, there are many varieties of PE rattan furniture in market, like PE rattan sofa, PE rattan table and chair, PE rattan beach chair and PE rattan small coffee table, etc. And the styles are unique, beautiful and novel.



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