Rattan Weaving

Wholesale Rattan Weaving — Our rattan weaving finished products are woven by automatic machines, with fast production speed and fine weaving process, which can meet the huge and urgent needs of customers.

Rattan Weaving

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These are the most popular and classic Rattan Weaving Products, which are with the natural colors as the real natural rattan.

Production Video --- Machine and Hand weaving rattan

Rattan Weaving - Machine Weaving Part

Rattan Weaving - Hand Weaving Part

Machine Weaving Production Line

Quality Test for our PE Rattan Weaving Roll

Rattan Weaving Application

Rattan door (1)
Storage Cabinet (1)
Rattan Screen (2)
Rattan Chair (1)
TV Cabinet (1)
Storage Cabinet (3)
Wardrobe door (2)
Rattan headboard (1)

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