Synthetic Rattan Roll

Synthetic Rattan Roll

What is synthetic rattan roll?

Synthetic rattan roll is a kind of rattan weaving that is woven from plastic rattan and has a certain size specification. Our synthetic rattan roll is actually the rattan weaving roll made with PE rattan. It is available in a variety of patterns, colors and styles which can suit different design needs and applications.

Our PE rattan weaving roll

- Production

Two cases:

  • The synthetic rattan roll with simple patterns are purely machine-woven.
  • While for the complicated ones, they are usually machine-woven first, and then the complex parts are finished by hand.

Th machine weaving is with high production efficiency and short production cycle. For that reason, it is not difficult to meet the huge and urgent needs of our customers.

Machine Weaving

Hand Weaving

- Quality

  • It’s not easy to be damaged and loosen by external forces because of its tight and strong weaving technology.
  • Not easy to be corroded and moldy, so it’s with a higher durability.

Quality Test for our PE rattan weaving roll

- Price

Compared with the natural rattan roll or rattan webbing, it’s lower in the price.

- Package

  • One roll ( at least 15 meters )

One roll of our PE rattan weaving is usually wrapped with 1 moistureproof paper and 1 plastic bag. Besides, before being shipped by air, a layer of cardboard will be added to the outermost to prevent damage during transportation. 

Package of our synthetic rattan roll (4)
Package of our synthetic rattan roll (3)
Package of our synthetic rattan roll (2)
Package of our synthetic rattan roll (5)
  • 4 or more than 4 rolls

If our customers request, the synthetic rattan rolls can be packed in cartons like the following pictures.

- Application

As you can see in the following pictures, our PE rattan roll can be used in lots of fields such as sofa, table, chair, screen, door, etc.

Application of our synthetic rattan roll (1)
Application of our synthetic rattan roll (2)
Application of our synthetic rattan roll (1)
Application of our synthetic rattan roll (3)
Application of our synthetic rattan roll (4)

Who Purchase Our PE Rattan Weaving Roll Most Often

After years of precipitation, we have become a professional PE rattan supplier. In these years, we keep providing the best quality products and services as we can to our global customers. With so many years of experience and accumulation, we discover that our main customer groups mostly include the following 4 types:  

(1) Individual or Micro Businesses  

They usually meet the MOQ of one roll, and then we offer them with complete solutions, including the PE rattan roll knowledge, features, logistics and so on.

(2) Small Retailers or Wholesalers

They can get our comprehensive customization of the PE rattan weaving roll. And we control the quality throughout the process to make sure our PE rattan products are high-quality which they can use to improve their brand influence. We also provide efficient procurement solutions when some of them are purchasing across industries and don’t know much about the PE rattan roll.

(3) Decoration Companies

We can offer them the customized service in size, color, and weave type when existing products can not meet their decoration project requirement.

(4) Medium or Large Companies

Thanks to our great production capacity and quality control, we usually can meet the large needs of the large companies with stability. And we always do our best to establish and maintain long-term cooperative relationships with them.



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