Where to buy synthetic rattan weaving material

Where to Buy Synthetic Rattan Weaving Material?

Nowadays, synthetic rattan waving material has been widely applied in various fields including the interior furniture and items or the outdoor furniture. They usually appear in the outdoor sofas, outdoor tables, outdoor chairs. Sometimes, you can see them in some nicely-woven basket.

So now, you may come with a problem that where to buy synthetic rattan weaving material which is both high quality and with a competitive price. If you need a bulk quantity of the synthetic rattan weaving material, then I will tell you JY PE Rattan will definitely be your first choice.

Where to Buy Synthetic Rattan Weaving Material?
- JY PE Rattan

Synthetic rattan is also known as plastic rattan, atificial rattan or resin wicker, which is totally man-made made from plastic without any natural rattan components.

Synthetic rattan is one of the most popular rattan materials for outdoor furniture. It can be divided into 3 types according to the raw materials—PU, PVC, and PE rattan. While compared to PU and PVC rattan, PE rattan is more popular in the production of outdoor furniture for its better durability and weather resistance.

One of the greatest advantages of PE rattan is that it can be made to mimic the look of natural rattan, but with better durability, weather resistance and affordable price. Unlike natural rattan and other types of synthetic rattan, our PE rattan material can prevent the damage from most outdoor elements such as sunlight, rain, heat, wind, UV rays, and so on. In addition, they are available in great varieties of styles, colors, and patterns to meet the requirements of various outdoor furniture production.

Next, let’s explore the charm of our synthetic rattan weaving material together!

- Giving people feels like living with nature

True color series

This natural like true color series is with a design resemble to the natural rattan materials, which come with a kind of surprising and warm allure. The natural color range consists of a wide selection of colors like Brown, Grey and Wooden color in great varieties shades even with a natrual barks-like texture. Besides, it is strong and durable with an even color throughout the weave and can resist fading in the event of surface scratches.

- Leading the lastest weaving fashion

Metallic glitter effect

This series has added the sparkle to furniture without compromising on the quality. Despite the gleaming design of the Metallic range, its performance and durability are preserved. This adds a shiny modern touch to any interior or exterior decor.

- Looking Simple but classic

Monotone color series

Even if they are of different single colors, they still can be woven together through some clever designs, which can add rich colors to the furniture or other items. And with the special UV stabilizers, the color won’t pale or fade over time. So this classic montone color series can be the timeless elegance.



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