PE Rattan

The Synthetic Rattan is manufactured by extrusion molding, which is a very traditional technology and with little development in the last few decades.

Meanwhile, the plastic is developing rapidly as the demand of market growing. And for that reason, it is possible to diversify the design styles of PE RATTAN, also with the quality continuously improved.

For synthetic rattan furniture that is often exposed to the outdoors for years, oxidation and the sun’s UV rays are its worst enemies.

PE RATTAN manufacturers have limited adjustments to the process parameters in the production process, so the key to the quality control of PE RATTAN lies in the inspection and testing of finished products.

Quality Test

UV Test
UV Test

We test our PE RATTAN with various professional equipment. So as to ensure that the product has high-quality characteristics such as anti-oxidation, anti-UV, moisture-proof, tough and not easy to break.

For example, the QUV Weatherability Test Machine can quickly and truly reproduce the damage of sunlight, rain and dew to materials. It only takes days or weeks to reproduce damage that takes months or years outdoors, including:

Fading, discoloration, loss of brightness, chalking, cracking, blurring, embrittlement, loss of strength and oxidation.

Reliable aging test data is very helpful for the screening and optimization of materials and formulations.

* Tensile test, anti-UV test, anti-aging test should be passed.

For the quality, we pay much attention to the following points:

  • UV Exposure
  • Maximum Force
  • Elongation at break
  • Content of undesirable substances
  • Heat and Cold Resistance
  • Resistance to solvents such as alcohol, coffee, wine, hot water, fruit juices
  • Acid resistance
ICP Heavy Metal Toxicity Test
ICP Heavy Metal Toxicity Test
Freezing Test
PE Rattan Quality - QUV Weatherability Test
QUV Weatherability Test
Stretchability Test
Stretchability Test

Our Certification

The followings are the SGS report examples for our PE rattan products. They respectively are JR1332 PE Rattan and JR1284 PE Rattan.

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