Colored Plastic Rattan

Colorful Life Woven with Colored Plastic Rattan

In the era of mechanized production, the production of rattan weaving products also began the process of semi-manual and semi-machine production. These products exist in various forms to embellish people’s lives and work environments. However, there is still a group of artisans with a passion for self-creation and extraordinary craftsmanship. They insist on using their hands and hearts to weave unique and highly life-inspired rattan weaving products.

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Perhaps, in your eyes, these plastic rattan may seem ordinary and of little use, but in the skilled hands of artisans, it can transform into practical and aesthetically valuable wicker products. Now, let’s appreciate the colorful creations of life crafted by these artisans.

Bags, vegetable baskets, table mats, food covers, vases… and even vessels woven from recycled materials.

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Rattan Weaving with Colored Plastic Rattan

This is the colorful rattan weaving.

One of the artisans, Aunt Huang, says: ‘These are all PE rattan strips. Some are purchased, and some are made from recycled materials. For example, this small tin can, when no longer in use, I weave an outer layer, turning it into a small vase. Placed at home, it looks quite chic.

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In Aunt Huang’s hands, ordinary plastic rattan strips are transformed from waste into treasure, becoming a variety of practical everyday items.

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Colorful strands of rattan are entwined together, with the left and right strands crossing each other gradually to form a circle. As the circle grows larger along the ground, when it reaches a size resembling a bowl’s mouth, it can be stood upright. Then, switch to a twofold thicker rattan thread and wrap it around the edges until closing.

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The craft of rattan weaving, known for its beauty, durability, and suitability for all seasons, is deeply loved. With its simple production methods, it is especially suitable for seniors to engage in hands-on activities. Therefore, Aunt Huang often participates in various community activities for the elderly, teaching everyone how to weave a variety of containers using rattan.

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When it comes to multicolored rattan weaving, the most popular item is undoubtedly the handbag. Sturdy, durable, with a large capacity, and a simple yet exquisite appearance, it is deeply loved by the elderly.

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Even the shopping baskets are unique and exquisitely crafted.

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Wickerwork is an ancient traditional craft of the Han ethnic group with a weaving history of over 1000 years. It is a traditional and practical handicraft. Through wickerwork, a variety of products can be created: practical items like tables, chairs, vegetable baskets, flower vases, fruit boxes, and other daily household items, as well as uniquely shaped decorative items such as animals, fruits, vehicles, and more.

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The products made by Aunt Huang are elegant with a touch of contemporary flair, exhibiting strong practicality and artistic qualities. They are both low-carbon and environmentally friendly, adaptable to various environments. Aunt Huang weaves joy into life by incorporating the most ordinary materials.

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If intricate design imparts life to rattan, then color makes this rattan weaving come alive.



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