Rattan Weaving in Life

Rattan Weaving in Life

Rattan furniture is one of the oldest types of furniture, which can make our living room exude a retro atmosphere and further enhance the beauty of the space. With its heroic and elegant style, it is fresh and refreshing yet simple and natural, full of modern flavor and fashion features, so it is favored by many people.

In the southern China, people are accustomed to using rattan to make cupboard, cabinets, tea tables, cases, screens, shelves, chairs, tables and beds. Now, some other materials and elements are begun to be combined to create more beautiful and practical furniture with rattan elements including the natural rattan and synthetic rattan.

In this post, we will display the common rattan furniture and also the various uses of rattan elements in the home decoration.

01 Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture, which has not been eliminated by the development of the times, is now becoming popular all over the world. What’s more, it is constantly endowed with new forms by the language of the new era.

「Rattan Chair」

Rattan Chair (1)

Sitting on the rattan chair placed on the balcony at home, it feels like being in a cafe on the street in Paris. It is used for display in the corner of the living room, adding a little elegant classic flavor to the modern decoration.

Rattan Chair (2)

「TV Cabinet」

TV Cabinet (1)
TV Cabinet (2)

The living room is an essential home space, and the TV cabinet is the soul of the living room. A good-looking TV cabinet that can be stored not only instantly improves the taste of the space, but also adds a sense of atmosphere, casual and gentle.

「Sideboard Cabinet」

Rattan sideboard cabinet (1)

The design of the sideboard made of rattan has no complicated elements, and the shape is just right. Putting it next to the dining table adds a delicate and retro atmosphere to the home.

Rattan sideboard cabinet (2)
Rattan sideboard cabinet (3)

Clean, elegant and breathable. Visually, the combination of rattan weaving and solid wood is elegant and more textured. The right-angle design is straightforward and intuitive. No matter how it is placed and matched, it looks good. It feels fresher and more natural to put green plants next to it.

「Storage Cabinet」

Storage Cabinet (1)
Storage Cabinet (2)

A very retro small cabinet, not only can be used as a bedside table, but also placed beside the sofa or in the corner of the living room. The combination of rattan and solid wood has a very natural and fresh feel.

Storage Cabinet (3)

An ample storage space: open the rattan door and you will find a small storage cabinet but with large storage space. Under the sunlight, it looks very textured, and the overall presents the feeling of French retro style. It is small and light, suitable for small apartments.

「Shoe Cabinet」

Shoe cabinet (1)

The wooden lockers neutralize the overall tone of the space, and the doors of the cabinets also incorporate the rustic and natural rattan weaving process, making the whole living design more integrated.

Shoe cabinet (2)

As the appearance representative of the porch, it also looks good when placed the living room. It not only has a small and beautiful elegance, but also has a natural and smart playfulness.

「Standing Cabinet」

Standing cabinet (1)
Standing cabinet (2)

The smooth and graceful geometric lines and smart and compact shape make this small locker reveal the aesthetic function of the design. The simple shape is good-looking and generous, with a low-key light luxury feeling.


Rattan Placemat (1)
Rattan Placemat (2)

Have a cup of coffee or a cup of hot tea, decorate your dining table with nice rattan placemat, and make it a random corner of your home, full of happiness.

02 Rattan elements

In the hands of designers, rattan elements can not only appear alone to create a retro aesthetic, but also can be mixed and matched with modern materials. That fresh and natural style can bring us a little bit of coolness in summer.


Rattan Screen (1)
Rattan Screen (2)

The rattan screen makes the home instantly full of elegant leisure atmosphere.

When the screen is placed in the home as a decoration, it will give people a sense of surprise, with a strong life interest emerging vividly. Not only that, the disassembly and assembly of the screen is very convenient, and the movement is also very flexible. And you can also choose the style and shape at will, which can also reflect the taste of the owner.

「Wardrobe Door」

Wardrobe door (1)
Wardrobe door (2)

The rattan wardrobe door replaces the traditional wardrobe with glass and wood grain, using the most primitive materials.

「Rattan Door」

Rattan door (1)
Rattan door (2)

In order to show the texture and beauty of the space, the rattan door design element is chosen, which is practical and beautiful. It reveals the beauty of simplicity and silence, showing the original and natural atmosphere.

「Rattan Bedside」

Rattan headboard (1)
Rattan headboard (2)

The rattan weaving craft elements are used in the head of the bed, which perfectly blends with the light environment color. Appropriate hollowing and line sense greatly enhance the breathing sense of the space.



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