Common materials for outdoor furniture

Common Materials for Outdoor Furniture

Compared with ordinary indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is inevitably exposed to wind, sun, and rain, so the selection of outdoor furniture materials must take into account sunscreen and rainproof functions.

So what materials can be made into outdoor furniture?

This article will introduce six kinds of outdoor furniture made of plastic wood, cast aluminum, rattan, imitation wood, aluminum alloy, and iron, with their characteristics and applications.

1. Plastic wood

Plastic wood is a new type of composite material that has been booming in the world in recent years.. It is made of plastic and wood fiber to imitate the shape of solid wood. It is difficult to distinguish solid wood from plastic wood in appearance and has strong aesthetics. WPC is processed using a special process, resulting in a composite material that has the common characteristics of natural fibers and plastics.

Plastic wood has good water resistance, low water absorption, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Besides, it is not easy to break and cause moths when placed outdoors for a long time. Plastic wood is often used in outdoor tables and chairs, park chairs, etc., because it is not real wood. Therefore, its price will also be more affordable, not like the high price of solid wood.

Plastic wood outdoor furniture

2. Cast aluminum

Cast aluminum is a classification under aluminum alloy, which is a craft product. It is mainly to prepare pure aluminum or aluminum alloy ingots according to the standard composition ratio. It is artificially heated into a liquid or molten state of aluminum alloy, and then cast into a professional mold. After cooling, the aluminum parts of the desired shape are formed.

Cast aluminum can be placed outdoors for a long time without too much care, and it is not easy to corrode and rust. So it is very suitable for use as outdoor furniture.

Cast aluminum outdoor furniture

3. Imitation wood

Imitation wood is a commonly used outdoor furniture material. It is difficult to distinguish the imitation wood and the real wood, because its visual effect is nearly the same as the real wood products. The commonly used material for making imitation wood is cement concrete, and then with special molds and cement special paint used to create the effect of wood.

The service life of imitation wood is much higher than that of real wood. And it will not corrode, fade or grow moths when placed outdoors for a long time. It is environmentally friendly and can replace wood. Its application scenarios includes railings, park seats, landscape design, etc., Disneyland uses this material extensively.

4. Rattan

Rattan weaving is a very old traditional craft, using the rattan of rattan plants to weave various furniture, such as rattan chairs, rattan sofas, rattan tables and so on. Among them, rattan chairs are the most popular category among outdoor furniture. They are comfortable to sit on and have a sense of luxury, and are suitable for all seasons.

In addition to real rattan for outdoor furniture, there is also a very commonly used environmentally friendly material PE rattan. Its lifespan is longer than that of real vines. It is not afraid of rain, sun, mildew, or breakage. It can truly be sun-proof, dust-proof, mildew-proof, and moisture-proof. Many people like to purchase rattan furniture made of PE rattan.

Our company specializes in the production of PE rattan in various specifications and colors. And our products have passed strict quality tests, including UV protection test, salt spray test, tensile test, etc.

Rattan outdoor furniture

Although PE rattan is a rattan-like material, its weaving process is still hand-woven according to traditional rattan weaving, not by machine. Therefore, the weaving of PE rattan still maintains traditional skills.

5. Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy is generally used as the frame of outdoor furniture. It is waterproof function, not easy to rust, and light.

It is also often used in leisure gazebos. Compared with solid wood gazebos, aluminum alloys are more fire-resistant and moisture-proof, and can withstand the test of fire. Because aluminum alloys and cold-rolled steel plates are specially treated to withstand high temperature. After the aluminum alloy furniture has been processed, it can meet various functional requirements. Now the aluminum alloy is used as a gazebo, which is safer and more stable than solid wood, and does not require too much maintenance. It is the first choice of many engineering companies.



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