Combination of Rattan Webbing and Wood

Perfect Combination of Rattan Webbing and Wood

In the furniture made of rattan webbing and wood, we can discover its perfect blend of natural elegance and enduring craftsmanship. Combining the timeless beauty of wood with the strength and versatility of rattan, this kind of furniture can bring warmth and sophistication to any living space.

In this post, we will take one chair made of rattan and wood as example to show you how wonderful the combination of rattan webbing and wood in furniture.

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The combination of Rattan Webbing and Wood on a chair

Let’s look at this rattan chair. You may think its design is very simple, but in fact every detail has been carefully considered and polished. First of all, designers have to consider which form and pattern of rattan weaving to use. Because there are many forms of rattan weaving, there are also many shapes that can be woven, including square-shaped, diamond-shaped, hexagonal-shaped, and trident-shaped. Designers need to test and compare rattan weaves of different shapes in order to finally choose the most suitable rattan weave that is both beautiful and comfortable as an important part of the rattan chair.

For this chair, the designer chose hexagonal rattan. Its price is in the middle among different shapes of the same material. There are also herringbone and three-dimensional knits that are more expensive because of denser materials.

01 Multiple shape

02 Hexagonal-shaped

03 Square-shaped

04 Wave-shaped

05 Diamond-shaped

06 Normal shape

No matter it is used as a shelf in the living room, or as a bedside stool by the bed, or as a book stool, dining stool with a table at home, or with a dressing table of the same type, it is very beautiful and practical.

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Combination of Rattan Webbing and Wood-4

The simple, elegant, compact and lightweight shape allows it to switch between different collocation styles at any time. Even if only one single product is placed in the aisle, it can make the home have a unique atmosphere.

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Combination of Rattan Webbing and Wood-1

The stool surface of this chair is made of our hand plus machine woven PE rattan. The legs of the stool are made of black walnut solid wood. The selection of materials is first-class in terms of environmental protection and quality.

Let’s first look at our PE rattan. From material selection to packaging (the specific production process please refer to PE Rattan Manufacturing Process ), every link of the rattan production is strictly controlled.

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Combination of Rattan Webbing and Wood-7

Next, let’s take a look at the stool legs of this chair — black walnut. The following is a brief introduction to the origin and varieties of black walnut:

▶The origin of black walnut

Black walnut is a precious wood native to the America. It not only has good stability, but also has a nice texture, which feels warm and moist like jade. Due to factors such as environmental protection and price, Americans usually only use black walnut veneered furniture, and rarely use solid wood. However, the Chinese have a special feeling for wood since ancient times. Most of the buildings, furniture, and some living utensils are made of wood, which comes down to a sense of belonging.

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Combination of Rattan Webbing and Wood-9

▶ Variety of black walnut

The authentic black walnut is only North American black walnut. Later, some African black walnut, golden black walnut, golden walnut and other woods appeared one after another. Some merchants uniformly classify them and North American black walnuts as authentic walnuts, which is wrong. Just like white oak and North American white oak, there is a difference. They are not only different in tree species, but also in different genera and families, and their appearance is also quite different.

Variety of black walnut

Except for the choice of materials, the rest depends on the craftsmanship of the master, and we will not introduce it here in detail. After all, our specialty is PE rattan production and weaving rather than rattan furniture.

After reading this article, can you experience the visual enjoyment of the perfect combination of rattan (including real rattan and PE rattan) and wood?



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