Types of artificial thatch

Types of Artificial Thatch

Now the use of artificial thatch is increasing. People’s understanding of artificial thatch including its advantages are gradually deepening. But there are still many consumers who are not very clear about the various types of artificial thatch and the differences between them. Below we will introduce the different types of artificial thatch.

How many types of Artificial Thatch?

According to the material, artificial thatch can be divided into two categories:

① PE plastic thatch

② Aluminum metal thatch

1. PE Plastic Thatch

To ensure long-lasting loft and a realistic look after installation, JY plastic thatch is made from high-quality PE plastic. The JY synthetic thatch offers benefits such as good visual effect, high realism, resistance to deformation, aging, mold, and fading. What’s more, JY also offers an upgraded version of PE thatch—our flame retardant series—which significantly enhances the safety in use.

However, there are some plastic thatches on the market made from substandard materials like recycled and waste plastics. Therefore, we recommend customers to request sample from manufacturers of synthetic thatch when purchasing plastic thatch and make some comparisons.

PE-01 Synthetic Thatch

Straw yellow

PE-12 Synthetic Thatch

Dead grass black

F-01 flame retardant synthetic thatch

F-01 synthetic thatch

Straw yellow

F-04 flame retardant synthetic thatch

F-04 synthetic thatch

Dead grass black

HJ500 flame retardant synthetic thatch-1

HJ500 synthetic thatch

Dead grass black

2. Aluminum Metal Synthetic Thatch

This type of synthetic thatch has been around for the longest time and is often used in projects like beach thatch umbrellas and thatched pavilions. Aluminum synthetic thatch comes in a variety of colors and styles, and can also be customized according to customer specifications.

Aluminum Metal Synthetic Thatch


Synthetic thatch offers the advantages of easy and quick installation, making construction projects faster. Additionally, there is a type of synthetic thatch having the fire-resistant properties like our flame retardant series, providing more options for choosing synthetic thatch.

Whether it’s the realistic charm of PE plastic thatch or the customizable appeal of aluminum-based synthetic thatch, these alternatives provide the best of both worlds: the timeless beauty of thatched roofs combined with modern practicality. If you need a reputable synthetic thatch supplier that prioritizes quality and authenticity for your next project, JY’s synthetic thatch must be the right one!



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