The advantages of artificial thatch

Advantages of Artificial Thatch

Now artificial thatch is applied in more and more thatched roofs. With the development of technology, the appearance and performance of artificial thatch have been continuously improved and perfected. This makes it gradually occupy the thatch market where natural thatch was the mainstream in the past, and become the new mainstream.

The gradual replacement of natural thatch has its defects, such as the short lifespan and high maintenance costs. But more because the advantages of artificial thatch are more prominent. Let’s discuss the advantages of artificial thatch together.

What are the advantages of Artificial Thatch?

1. Realistic appearance

The appearance of the thatched house built with artificial thatch is not much different from that of natural thatch, and the simulation effect is very excellent.

Natural thatch has different colors due to different seasons. However, the color of the artificial thatch is also adjusted according to the natural thatch.

It is comparable to natural thatch in appearance, and the longer it is used, the more realistic it will be. This characteristic is also incomparable to natural thatch.

PE-01 Synthetic Thatch

Straw yellow

PE-12 Synthetic Thatch

Dead grass black

2. Rich choices

Today’s artificial thatch manufacturers are also committed to producing different styles when making this kind of product, and are developing in a diversified direction.

The material of artificial thatch is also diversified. According to its material classification, it can be divided into three main types, namely ① polymer activated carbon composite material, ② PE synthetic thatch, and ③ aluminum metal simulated thatch.

Therefore, customers have more choices in terms of the color, style and material of the artificial thatch. They can choose a more suitable one according to the roof scheme they want to set.

The above three kinds of artificial thatch are specially produced in our factory. If you have the requirement, please contact us.

3. Remarkable performance

(1) High standard production: 100% recyclable, non-toxic and sustainable.

(2) Durable: 20 years life span guarantee.

(3) Strong resistance: Resistant to fading, mildew, rot, corrosion, parasites and pests.

(4) Weatherproof: It can withstand the “ravages” of various bad weather.

(5) Low investment cost in the later stage: no special maintenance is required.

(6) Reusable: the thatched roof can be disassembled and reinstalled.

F-01 flame retardant synthetic thatch

F-01 synthetic thatch

Straw yellow

F-04 flame retardant synthetic thatch

F-04 synthetic thatch

Dead grass black

HJ500 flame retardant synthetic thatch-1

HJ500 synthetic thatch

Dead grass black

How to distinguish the artificial thatch

In general, it’s difficult to find the difference of most products in appearance. At this time, the quality problem should be paid attention to. Durability and less maintenance has always been one of its selling points of artificial thatch. But all products have good quality and bad quality. After the installation of poor-quality artificial thatch is completed, the house will collapse and deform in a short period of time, and there will also be rot.

Therefore, when purchasing artificial thatch, you must purchase from a regular manufacturer, with a certificate of conformity. Or you can purchase a few samples and make a comparison between them. After that, choose the one with the best quality in your budget. This can effectively avoid additional maintenance costs caused by quality problems in the later period.

For more identification methods, please read: How to judge the quality of thatched roofs.

JY artificial flame retardant thatch adopts imported polymer activated carbon composite materials. Besides, the concept of bionics to reduce the damage to material molecules caused by traditional stamping processes through research and development has been applied to it, so that the product can better maintain the quality of raw materials. From material application to appearance, the characteristics of weather resistance and flexibility have been greatly improved. Also, it can absorb ultraviolet light wave conversion energy. All of these characteristics can prolong its service life. Unlike the traditional carpet-type thatch and wire-type thatch to be installed with complex installation and high labor costs, its installation is much easier and of low costs.



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